The purpose of Christ Church Preschool is to afford each child the opportunity to experience the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ through a caring Christian environment staffed by people who are dedicated to affirming each child as a unique child of God and to encourage spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical development with respect for that uniqueness.


Christ Church Preschool aims to expand the child’s perception of God, of him/herself, of other people and of the physical world in which God has placed him/her.

Activities and experiences will be oriented to goals specified in the curriculum guideline and a balance among large group, small group, individual work and play will be incorporated into each day’s indoor and outdoor activities. Rest and naptime are incorporated as appropriate in full-time and extended part-time programs.

Children will be given freedom to create, explore and experiment in their world of reality. Opportunities will be provided for each child to learn to accept individual differences, make choices, to choose his/her own activities and to foster his/her growth toward independence.

Christ Church Preschool

Christ Church Preschool, a ministry of Christ Church, was established in 1976. Originally founded as “Mother’s Morning Off,” the school has expanded to include both full-time and part-time preschool experiences for children six weeks to five years. Our Christian pre-school has earned a reputation as one of the finest Christian preschools in South Florida.