About Our Classrooms

At Christ Church Preschool our classroom experience is tailored to feed the needs of all the age groups that we serve. From sensory play to early math, we cover every child’s needs in our family and faith forward environment.

Our infant room was designed to start their path with educational options to create the most fitting path for your child and to address each child’s specific developmental needs. 

In the tadpole room we continue to learn to play, socialize and share.  Through stories, art, vocabulary, and puzzles we build skills. And we begin to explore the outside.

Our Turtles are no longer babies they are a growing Toddlers.  Your child will be growing in leaps and bounds in front of your eyes. We are excited to share in the growth of your child’s development.  This is a time when your child will be asserting their independence.

Dolphins & Blue Jays
2 Years Old

The Dolphins and Blue Jays are our two year old program.  Our goal is to help  your child fell comfortable about “separating” from you and learn to grow as independent children.  Our two year old program is designed to potty train.

Alligators & Butterflies
3 Years Old

Our Alligators and Butterflies know who they are, and they are ready to learn more every day! They use the Creative Curriculum and 11 centers to develop the skills they need as they continue to grow.

Panthers & Manatees

Panthers and Manatees are four-years-old. And they are inquisitive, curious, and full of energy. There is so much to see, experience, and so many questions to ask. This year we hope to find the answers to many of their questions and in the process enjoy each other’s smiles and laughter.