Cubs Classroom

Christ Church Preschool provides a nurturing and creative learning in a safe, home-like environment combined with the Christian faith. Our infant room was designed to start their path with educational options to create the most fitting path for your child and to address each child’s specific developmental needs. We introduce our babies with new adventures which are fun and age appropriate.  We offer specialized curriculum in our infant classroom to help promote learning and the love for school early on.  Our infants have fun activities throughout their day some which include; water play, soft blocks, chapel and masterpieces with paint.  We always endeavor to foster great partnership with our parent which is critical to raising a child.

The Cubs Teachers

JoAnn Knebel

My name is JoAnn Knebel, I was born in a very small town in Wisconsin – so small we didn’t even have a stop light. I spent most of the time growing up with my grandparents on a farm (which were the best years ever)!

We have two children Kirsten, who lives in Coral Springs and is an athletic trainer and therapist, and Jason, who lives in Lynchburg, VA and is an English Professor.  I have five grandchildren; Madison 17, Kristen 14, Sebastian 16, Augustus 13, and Ignatius 10.

I have been with Early Childhood Ministries now Christ Church Preschool, for 40 years. When I first started here there was just 1 class called “Mom’s Morning out.” I have taught in all the age classes, but enjoy the baby class best!

Cayla-Hope Podhurst

My name is Cayla-Hope Podhurst, I am 21 years old and I love working with the babies.  I am taking classes to be the best teacher I can be.  I remember running around this school when I was a kid, and now I love that I am helping create an environment for our cubs that is safe, loving and fun!