Our Turtles Classroom

We are excited to be able to share in this special time of your child’s growth and development. This is a time when your children are asserting their independence further every day. In order to provide the easiest transition for both you and your child, we have put together an orientation packet which will hopefully answer any questions you may have had about what to expect from this class. At the end of every day you will find a “toddler tidbit” in your child’s cubby. This will give you a detailed account of your child’s day as well as our activities and questions you can use to prompt your child’s vocabulary daily.

The Turtles Teachers

Maria Munoz

My name is Maria Mercedes Munoz. I was born in Columbia, but moved to New York in 1972. Then I moved to Florida in 1982. (I like the weather much better here.) I have been married to my husband, Alberto, for 25 years. I also have a son named Andres. He is 20 years old and currently attending college. I have been working for Christ Church Preschool for the past 10 years in the Cubs and Tadpole rooms as a Teacher Assistant, and now in the Turtle room as the Lead Teacher. I enjoy working with children and being a part of their learning experiences. My passion and love for children led me to over 25 years of teaching.